Welcome Women Who Code!

Thank you for joining my presentation “Don’t Belong in the Club? Dealing with Imposter Syndrome” at the Women Who Code Connect Forward Conference!  The presentation video is on YouTube.

I am making a few unique opportunities available with special pricing, only for the Women Who Code Community:

  • Bi-Monthly Group Coaching to discuss various professional development topics
  • 1:1 Coaching to take your career to the next level

If you are interested in learning more, connect here & I will send along details!  I hope to see you again soon.

At the end of the presentation, I asked you to share any commitments you were making.  Here are all of your beautiful & brave commitments:

  • the courage to be vulnerable
  • not allow the limiting beliefs of others to define my goals
  • do not despair
  • remember that I don’t have to continuously prove anything to anyone
  • revisit my identity narrative & ask myself who I aspire to be
  • to be proud of what I’ve accomplished, no matter how big or small
  • identify at least 3 achievements per week
  • to give myself grace & to delete old messages that no longer serve me
  • try & take risks at the right time
  • be accountable for my own accomplishments as I do with others
  • keep going after the change I want
  • show pride in my work & my progress
  • stop comparing myself to others
  • don’t always assume I’m not qualified enough
  • believe it when someone pays me a compliment
  • to persevere & work hard even when I fear failure
  • to speak up more
  • be honest with myself
  • recognize my own financial worth
  • be more confident in my current skills
  • to speak up, even when I’m scared of being wrong
  • self-soothe without guilt
  • dare to speak up
  • not procrastinate
  • be proud of my achievements
  • be transparent with myself
  • not let my fear cause me to procrastinate
  • will be open to new experiences & ideas
  • to network more, specifically network with 5 people tomorrow
  • dare to try
  • to love myself more
  • don’t stop learning
  • to advocate for myself
  • to continue learning
  • be conscious of my thoughts

Can’t wait to see the great things you all will do!