Immunity to Change

In addition to 1:1 coaching, Molly offers sessions on “Removing Your Immunity to Change” – a powerful methodology developed by Harvard professors Bob Kegan & Lisa Lahey.   After 20+ years of research and work with individuals and organizations, Kegan & Lahey adapted this innovative approach to help us unearth the hidden factors that prevent us from achieving important goals in our lives. Molly became a facilitator of this methodology after training with Drs. Kegan & Lahey in Cambridge. You will develop your own “Immunity Map” around a key change you’d like to make in your life or work.

what is an immunity to change?
Our bodies and minds are intelligent.  We adapt to protect ourselves from danger and fearful situations.  Hence, we can develop immunities that protect us from situations we might perceive as dangerous.  The problem can be however that those same protective and once-valuable immunities no longer serve us.  They may be holding us back from doing and becoming what we need or desire.

how does it work?
The immunity to change process involves choosing the one thing that, if you could change, it would make a significant difference in your life or work.  It involves a self-reflective and sometimes challenging consideration of the things we do or don’t do that keep us from doing that one thing.  Through the process, we test our assumptions in a safe way.  It propels us forward to view our taken-for-granted mindsights from a little distance.  It’s powerful!

To learn more, read Kegan & Lahey’s article: The Real Reason People Won’t Change.