ICF Mentor Coaching Program

Announcement: NEW GROUP MENTOR COACHING PLANNED FOR 2023! see details below

Are you ready to move to the next level as an ICF coach?

I offer individual and group mentor coaching to support you in building your skills and insights as an ICF coach and preparing you for your ACC and/or PCC.

My program includes:

  • Robust attention and focus on the latest ICF core competencies
  • Supporting you, as a coach, to create awareness of how you effectively co-create the coaching relationship with your clients
  • Ten hours of mentor coaching
  • Proprietary self-assessment tool for your own reflection of strengths & opportunities

Individual Mentor Coaching involves working 1:1 with Molly Hetrick, PCC

Group Mentor Coaching involves engaging and learning with a small group of coaches as well as three individual 1:1 sessions with Molly Hetrick, PCC. If you and a few colleagues would like to form a group, we can accommodate you.

Link to ICF Mentor Coaching Requirements


April – June 2023 | September – November 2023

I’m excited to announce Spring & Fall mentor coaching groups for 2023. These will be wonderful opportunities to build your coaching skills and create community, learning from other passionate ICF coaches. Group coaching provides a dynamic and experiential learning experience for us to grow our competencies and awareness. Group coaching will entail 7 group coaching sessions where we will share experiences and wisdom, provide constructive feedback to our colleagues and build a supportive and safe environment. Additionally, you and I will have 3 individual coach feedback sessions, whereby we will assess a few of your coaching calls against the ICF competencies.

If you’d like to consider joining one of groups in 2023, please send me a note in the form below and I will keep you apprised of dates & times.

Note that if there’s not sufficient interest, we’ll need to consider alternative mentor coach arrangements.

Thank you for considering – I would love to have you join!

Send me a note to learn more: