Client Experience

“I wouldn’t have the clarity about my goals in my career and life without Molly’s help. Together we drilled down to what mattered most to me, and in each session developed clear next steps to make progress toward those goals. Most importantly, Molly held me accountable to those goals in an encouraging, non-judgmental way. Our sessions have helped me identify some of my self-limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior, as well as milestones and achievements that deserve recognition. Molly’s sincerity, empathy, and positivity are just a few of the qualities that make her an excellent coach.”

“As a coach Molly has a wonderful blend  of qualities.  She is great at keeping me on track and checking the logic of my actions toward reaching my goal, and she can also demonstrate true empathy. She is just as eager to celebrate my success as well as holding me accountable for it. Her approach and questions really helped me break through to see what was holding me back.  My time with Molly was definitely well-spent and productive.”

“Our work together was an important part of what, in retrospect, has been a period of growth and greater clarity, both personally and professionally.  Such a relief!”