Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient was a popular theme several years ago.  Is it really still a thing?

Having a high IQ is amazing of course.  Intelligence is a wonderful and often rare trait.  A high IQ, however, doesn’t necessarily predict success in our work or in our personal lives.  What else matters?

The Emotional Quotient (“EQ”) is a measure of how well we do with others.  Yes, it is still a critical component of leadership.  What is it? 

Emotional self-awareness — know what you’re feeling and understand the impact on others; bring out the best in yourself

Self-regulation – think before you act or speak; control or redirect your emotions; take a pause, breathe and decide your next move

Motivation – keep going even when you face obstacles; set challenging goals for yourself and your team – have confidence that you will achieve them

Empathy – be aware of how others are feeling; seek to understand, ask questions and appreciate others

Social skills – inspire others, manage your relationships to get the best out of others; have honest conversations

All of these traits can be learned.  You can practice and get better over time.  I challenge you to practice at least one in the coming week. Have fun with it! 

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