one good thing

I really hope this finds you well.  It’s a tough time right now.

I’m missing my connections with my friends and family and trying to make up it for it with frequent phone calls and video chats.  I’m missing my freedom to just jump in the car and go.  I’m missing my hair person.  And then, I miss my mom.

My mom passed away two years ago.  We had a complicated relationship through the years.  Maybe you can relate?

A lot of nasty arguments during my teen years – both of us holding fast to our strong ideas.  Special times – Saturday lunches at Kaufmann’s department store in downtown Pittsburgh.  Some late nights – drinking wine, sharing stories and laughs.

Tomorrow being Mother’s Day, I want to encourage you to remember ONE GOOD THING that you hold dear from your mom (or someone who was like a mom to you).  Is it one of her values?  One of her recipes?  A story from her past?

Particularly in these crazy pandemic times, it’s important to remember who and what is most dear to us.

I continue to do 1:1 coaching and have some openings for evening and Saturday appointments.  If you’d like to schedule a time, drop me a note.

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